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was born in Appenzell, Switzerland, and began painting at the age of eighteen at the Heatherley School of Art in London, where years before, Franz Kline had been a student. He was later her teacher in New York, while she also attended Columbia University, taking courses in stage design. She then returned to Europe and was accepted at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, where she stayed for the next seven years, studying painting, fresco, lithography, and stained glass.


Her major works include 34 m2 church windows in “dalles de verre” for St. Paul’s church in Paris-Nanterre, as well as five large tarpaulins on the façades of several buildings in Paris, such as on the Corbusier house of the Cité Universitaire and on the Neue Staatsgalerie (James Stirling) in Stuttgart. One of the tarpaulins measured 180 m2 and was her largest painting. “So my work is out on the street,” she says happily.


She was involved in Christo's Paris project, "Wrapped Pont-Neuf", and his work encouraged her to do monumental art. Interior and exterior frescos on a factory, a post office, a hospital, a senior home, schools, and on private houses soon followed, as well as by hand-tufted tapestries on the wall of a bank hall (18m long), an university, a school canteen, a government office, another school and senior home. Followed by studies for the Cathedral of Evry built by Mario Botta. Her paintings are works of “gestural expressionism,” that observe the rule that  less is more . “The less on canvas, the stronger its expression”.


Roswitha works in the former studio of Man Ray in the heart of Paris Saint Germain des Prés. She exihibits mostly in Paris ans Switzerland, and has been shown in Washington D.C., Bogota, Stuttgart, Austria etc.

In Paris : Orangerie du Sénat, Ordre des Architectes, Auditorium Saint Germain, Hôtel de Ville de Garches, Cluny Palace, Castel etc.

In Switzerland : Musée et château d’Appenzell, Zurich, Basel, Davos, Lausanne, Genève, St. Gallen, Chur, Arosa, Klosters. As well as other places. She has had about 60 one woman shows and 25 others in groups. In 1996, she was the first woman to receive the “Kulturpreis” of the Canton of Appenzell, Switzerland, and was the “Invitée d’Honneur” in the chapel of the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris.




Arts and Culture, in Davos 2001





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